A new puppy at home is so exciting for you and your family; however it can come with a whole new set of feelings for you if you need to leave them alone for periods.

At ‘Something Nice’ we appreciate these feelings and understand it will be very difficult for you to be there for every hour of your puppy’s day.

With this in mind we can structure a tailor made package to suit your individual needs, you may just prefer a succession of ‘pop ins’ throughout the day to reassure puppy he not all alone, you may want a quick pop in, a lunchtime visit and another afternoon pop in before your return, whatever your requirements we can work together with times suitable for your day.

Our puppy pop-in service is a flying visit, usually around 15 mins to come in, clean any messes, lay down fresh puppy pads or change bedding if needs be. We will of course also check water bowl, and still have some time to reassure your puppy through kindness, cuddles and little treat before settling back down again until the next visit.


Our Puppy Flying Visit service is 30 minutes long at a minimum (longer if required) This time is perfect for your new little companion, we will clear any messes, replenish water bowls, feed lunch if required followed by plenty of time for cuddles, games and training re-enforcement, I can work with you to enforce your ongoing training methods so we both have the same tactics so as not to confuse your pup. We will discuss in detail your training plan during our initial registration meeting. I can also rotate puppy’s toys and fill any kongs to help keep your puppy entertained until the next visit.

Our Puppy Visit & Walk service is for your fully vaccinated puppy. This service includes all of the flying visit services plus a shorter walk. Once your vaccination card is complete we can start to introduce your pet to their outside environment. Starting small so as not to overwhelm, we go on short walks close by just 1-1 initially until we establish a safe lead walk, again reinforcing your work with ongoing training tactics, using the same commands as you do at home.

Once confident on a lead, we then introduce your puppy to another well-mannered dog or puppy and gradually increase his puppy pals and socialisation skills. This socialisation walking will include varied routes and areas with other dog owners, including path walking along a road to get used to traffic noises, walking near schools during home time so puppy will be used to lots of little legs and knees coming towards him, and probably a lot of attention too!

We will concentrate on lead training and re-call on long leads in the fields. Village loop walks and even noisy supermarket car parks are all ideal new environments which help your pet become a well socialised pup.

Your puppy will need a well –earned rest after this visit!

  • Puppy pop in – (15 mins) = £8.00
  • Puppy visit (30 mins) = £10.00
  • Puppy visit and walk = £12.00