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Yes! We arrange a home visit to you so you can meet us and go through all the questions you may have. We like to meet your dog first too before booking any services. Should you find us suitable for your dog’s needs, we can work through the necessary paperwork, and can show our insurance and DRB.

We limit the number of dogs in the pack walk to 6, this is usually less as we do like to try to match the dogs as equally as possible, taking into consideration the activity levels and individual personalities of each dog. 1-1 walking is also available, please request this when booking.

I am FULLY insured with Protectivity Insurance covering Dog Walking, Pet minding, Pet sitting and Pet Transportation. This cover also includes Key cover. You will have the opportunity to view my insurance certificates at our meet and greet time.

No, most clients are comfortable leaving a key with Something Nice Pet Services which allows us to collect and drop off your dog without disturbing your day.

Your keys are kept in a locked box and are unidentifiable to anyone else. They are not labelled with any address details or dog name. We have our own identification system.

All paperwork is kept in each customer’s folder, which is also locked into a filing cabinet.

Your personal information will never be sold or discussed with any third party in accordance with the Date Protection Act.

You will be required to sign a form which will allow me to discuss any relevant knowledge and personal details with a vet in emergency situations.

This can be discussed at our meet and greet appointment. Your dog will be considered individually and may find it is best practice to walk your dog on a 1-1 basis and not in a pack walk situation.

We reserve the right to refuse to walk any dog.

Yes! We never leave your dog unattended.

No, we do not, however we do have extensive experience with lots of dog breeds, including large/giant breeds and nervous dogs. We have a good relationship with our own animals vet centre. We have experience with canine epilepsy and hold a full canine first aid qualification. Our certificates are renewed every 3 years to ensure we are following the latest methods.

We always take our first aid kit with us on every walk.

Firstly, we can arrange an initial meeting at your home to discuss your individual requirements, your pet can meet me and you can ask me all the questions you like. I will show you all my

paperwork (insurance/police checks) and we can work together on any timings preferred for walking.

Once agreed we are the Pet Service for your needs I will require some signatures on forms to allow me to walk your dog. Once all this has been completed you can then simply either call/text/email/or book online through my Facebook business page. I will then send an invoice which needs to be paid prior to the walks. Again this can be tailored to your exact needs, if you would like a daily walk over a 5 day period; I can invoice you weekly ahead of the scheduled walks. If you prefer an ‘as and when’ basis (please book 24 hours in advance to check availability) then I can simply send a one off invoice to you.

We will get wet!!!

We ask that you provide an old towel at home so after drop off we can towel dry your dog as much as possible.

As long as we are satisfied with their recall and have written consent from you to do so.

At first all dogs are kept on a safety long lead so we can ascertain the dynamics during group walks and check their recall is satisfactory. If they need some reminding of recall we work with them during their walks until we are satisfied.

Off lead walks are always in safety – NEVER by roads or livestock.

You can of course request that we do not allow your dog off lead – they will still get the experience and freedom to sniff and run (just with an extension lead)

At present we are not registered for boarding in our own home, however we are fully insured to provide Pet Sitting duties at your own home. Please visit the Pet Sitting page for further details.

I have transport which is fully insured for my business purposes. I have crates and safety harnesses which are used under the guidelines set out by the law.

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.

“A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Most of the routes we like to take are of local walking distance so duration in a vehicle is minimal and not always necessary.

We like to get to know all the dogs we walk, each dog has their own unique personality and as like humans, we do not always see eye to eye (or nose to nose) with our peers. As a rule, we try to match personalities and select carefully our walking pack with other similar dogs but in the instances where this has not been successful, we simply change the group dynamic and try another. You will be notified if we need to do this for any reason.

No sorry, we reserve the right to refuse any dog. The safely of the other dogs in our care and the general public are of a priority and will not be impaired.

We do not generalise dog breeds from reputation. We meet all dogs before any of our services are carried out. Each dog is taken on its own individual merit. All dogs are walked initially on a trial basis. Any instances of aggressive behaviour will be investigated. We reserve the right to refuse to walk with any dog.

No sorry, it is Something Nice Pet services’ policy to never take a bitch in season.

Our opening times are from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

For regular customers weekends, bank holidays and the possibility of later evenings are available. (Please note: Pricing differences will occur)

During our initial meeting I will explain to you my procedures in the event of an emergency; you would have given me your emergency contact details, and that of your usual vet. You would have also given me permission to take you r dog to the vet closest if this was a necessity.

In the unlikely event of an emergency we will contact you immediately.

Yes, we are happy to administer medications in accordance with your written instructions.

Please contact us via phone/text/email or Facebook messenger giving at least 24 hours’ notice for charges NOT to apply.


Something Nice has a policy in place where we can refuse to walk your dog in temperatures which will cause harm. These temperatures are far and few between in the UK, however we check daily during the summer months. You will have the option whether you would still like a visit from us, even just to check on your dog, check their water and provide company and a toilet break in the garden. This can be up to half an hour at a time instead of the hour walk time slot. We will work with you in these instances for the best options.

At something Nice Pet Services we would love to help you! We have our own tailor made puppy care package. Please visit the Puppy Visits section of our website.

You can find a link to our terms and conditions at the bottom of our website.